by Owuraku Ampadu Kissi

The coronavirus pandemic has, undeniably, affected several industries such as hospitality, tourism, manufacturing and transportation. It is with no doubt that the events industry has been hit with an unparalleled force. To get an idea of how the event industry and professionals have been affected, the government of Ghana enforced a ban on social gathering throughout March, April and May. This has made it somewhat impossible for events such as conferences, parties, seminars and activations amongst others to be organized.

Here are some effects of COVID-19 in the Ghanaian event industry:

About 60% of organizations with event management and logistics rentals being their primary service provided have had to lay off staff. Employees in the industry have had salaries reduced conversely slashed in half due to the scarcity or lack of presence of jobs during this period.

Postponed and Cancelled Events:
Some of the planned events have been postponed to 2021, others have also been totally cancelled, which means event companies will have to refund monies to their clients. Some event agencies in Ghana with retainer clients have managed to strike deals with their clients to reduce the monthly charges agreed.

Virtual events:
Several event companies have managed to put their innovative caps on and shifted to virtual events. Since the majority of Ghanaians are not tech-savvy, it seems to be quite challenging to reach a 360 degrees audience with this type of event or campaign. However, virtual events have financial benefits since there is no need to rent expensive event logistics. Other benefits are measurability, increased attendance and smooth transmission.

Contactless events:
Brands have begun to have events and activations which require no contact with attendees and organizers. Accra Mall organized a contactless activation during Mother’s Day whereby individuals got free photoshoots just for shopping within the mall. Safety precautions were observed, which made the activation stress-free.

Figure 1 Contactless event by Accra Mall on 10th May 2020

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